Eileen M. Long

6566 Grande Orchid Way

Delray Beach, FL  33446

September 20, 2011

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is written as a Letter of Recommendation for Cindy Rene Bishop, R.N. and B.S.N. and the elder care services that she provides.

In April of this year, my 86-year-old father with congestive heart failure was hospitalized.  He was released to a nursing home for rehabilitation.  While in the nursing home, he contacted pneumonia and had to be readmitted to the hospital.  After treatment, he was released to another nursing home for rehabilitation.  He became infected with C-diff and had to be re-hospitalized.  When he was out of danger, he was released back to the nursing home where he contacted a severe urinary tract bacterial infection and had to be placed on intravenous antibiotics.  Each time he became ill in a nursing home and was readmitted to the hospital, he came out weaker and weaker.


My family and I were very concerned about the infections that my father was contracting in the nursing homes, the care he was receiving, the lack of proper disinfection of his room, the lack of respect and concern that the nursing home staff showed, and mistakes that were being made with his treatment and medicines.  The voicing of our concerns was not changing the behaviors of the nursing home staff or management.

I knew that Cindy Bishop, my friend since high school who became a nurse, would be able to assist.  Cindy knew my father, a retired OB/GYN, and had worked with him at St. Luke’s Hospital ©™.  I contacted Cindy about what was happening.  She immediately came to the nursing home and assessed the situation and put a plan of action in place.  Our goal was to improve the quality of care my father was receiving so that he would become well enough to be released to his home for in-home care, rather than to stay in the nursing home for rehabilitation where he was constantly getting infections.  Cindy called a meeting of the department heads of the nursing home in which we outlined our observations and expectations.  She acted as our father’s advocate with the nursing home and got results with the management and staff.

The whole process of setting up in-home care was overwhelming to my family, especially since none of my siblings or I live in Jacksonville.  Cindy stepped in and coordinated the in-home care providers, attended the initial assessment meetings at my father’s home with the assigned nurse, followed the physical and occupational therapists, worked with the durable home equipment suppliers and the in-home care agency that provided CNAs.  Cindy also attended some doctor visits with my father and came to the house on a regular basis.

We would have struggled without Cindy’s expertise and competence.  My father is infection-free and recovering well now.  Cindy continues to visit my father and communicates to me how he is doing and what suggestions she has for his well-being.  It is comforting to know that Cindy cares and can act as my eyes and ears, since I live several hundred miles away.

My 85-year-old mother with dementia fell and broke her hip while my father was about to be released to home.  Cindy acted as an advocate for my mother with the nursing home to which she went for rehabilitation.  She would visit my mother in the nursing home and communicate any concerns to the staff and then let me know what was happening.  It was not uncommon for Cindy to visit my father at his home and then visit my mother at the nursing home.  Again, it was comforting to know that my parents had oversight.

I recommend Cindy Bishop, R.N. for elder care advocacy, oversight, actions with results, and communication with medical professionals, care-givers, health care agencies, and families of elders.


Eileen M. Long

(Ms) Bennie Furlong

Pres. Beaches Council on Aging

To Whom it may concern:
This letter is intended to serve as an introduction to Cindy Rene Bishop.
I have known Cindy for nearly ten years; but after I met her for the first ten minutes I realized this was going to be a friend for a lifetime.
Last year when I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my leg, Cindy put her nursing knowledge and experience to work.  For days she came and cleaned and bandaged the area.  She even arranged for a home care person to come daily for six weeks.
Cindy is highly motivated- a young woman of numerous talents.  She is fun loving,likable, enthusiastic and trustworthy.
Cindy loves to cook and even authored a sucessful cookbook.
Cindy has a great sense of humor, believes in hard work,  and has a gift for developing productive friendships with everyone.
It is with much pride that I recommend Cindy Rene Bishop for your consideration.

(Ms) Bennie Furlong
Pres. Beaches Council on Aging
Bennie Furlong Senior Center
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

Mary Ellen Frey, RN

Vice President of ATS Health Services

June 29, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,
It has been my pleasure to have known Cindy Bishop during my tenure as Vice President of ATS Health Services.  Ms. Bishops was the Representative of Walgreen Pharmacy in 2008 and had been assigned to market my organization.
Cindy always presented a professional appearance and friendly demeanor.  Her knowledge of the products her organization had readily available was impressive.  Cindy offered in-service education, product review and demonstration on a consistent basis.  Cindy’s visits were always a welcome occurrence.
I am sure that wherever Cindy lands in her professional search will benefit from her experience and enthusiasm.
Mary Ellen Frey, RN
Vice President of ATS Health Services
( retired)

Michael Carrick

From: michael C. <michaelctc@aol.com>
To: CRBishop2 <CRBishop2@gmail.com>
Sent: Wed, Sep 7, 2011 12:56 pm
Subject: Nurse concierge

Just a note to thank Cindy for her valuable help in handling me deal with the medical establishment the last few months. She arranged for a colonoscopy for me and handled the details after regarding billing etc.  Then she set up an eye exam with a great doctor on the beach. It was a good thing too as I was diagnosed with glaucoma which because it was caught early was treatable with eye drops. Cindy is very thorough and knows her business.  Michael Carrick

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